Problem loading progress on horizon 2

Basically I logged onto the Xbox and went on Horizon 2 as usual only to find that when the game loaded I had to do the first race again (Lamborghini Huracan). So I turn the Xbox off and retried but and still no luck .I have lost all my game progress, cars and money (about 600,000cr).I have started again now and have recreated most of my cars but I was wondering if there was any way of getting my old data back. Oh and my old achievements have stayed so it says I have unlocked the purple wristband but I reality I am only on the blue after restarting. I have a friend who this has also happened to in which he lost 300 levels and all his cars and money. so basically I was just wondering what has happened thanks.

Please report your details to We don’t have an official word from Turn 10 at this time.