Problem launching deluxe edition

Bought the digital forza 6 deluxe edition.Tried to start it up shows start up screen then kicks me back to dashboard.Anyone else having this problem and is there a fix just spent 30 minutes and nothing works. : (

Had same problem.
The game wasen’t downloaded… så uninstall og and install again… Then it works :slight_smile:

Had same problem, you download the pre order a few weeks before release date you pay a lot for a download, you turn your Xbox on click on forza 6 it starts loading then back to home page, yet again turn 10 has released a great game and let down by the same people well done turn 10.
You have to delete the game then reinstalled 45.5gb not playing this game on release date.
Well done TURN 10.

same problem… will try reinstall

Many thanks for replies did what Gapz dk did and it worked so thank you …