Problem Forza 5

Sorry I’m french guy

J’ai acheter une Xbox One dernièrement, et a chaque fois que j’installe Forza 5, il y a un problème, le plus souvent le problème ce trouve sur un circuit. Au bout de quelques minutes de jeu sur la course le jeu me renvoie au menu principal, cela faite 2 fois que je ré-installe Forza, je suis actuellement en train de renouveler la 3e fois, le pire dans tout sa c’est 70€ mis dans le Car Pass et le pack VIP, si vous avez une solution je suis preneur.

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I buy a Xbox One recently, and whenever I install Forza 5, there is a problem, most often the problem on a circuit. After a few minutes of running the game returns to the main menu, this time I made ​​2 reinstalls Forza, I am currently renewing the 3rd time, the worst part is its € 70 put in the Car Pass and the VIP pack, if you have a solution I’m interested.

If you have the disc version of FM5, remove it from the drive. Then once it is out, hold down the X button on the console for five seconds to shut it down completely. Disconnect the power cord from the wall to your external Xbox One power pack. Go do something else for about 10 minutes.

Plug the external power pack cord back into the wall. Start the One as you normally do. You will get a full green screen for maybe a couple minutes (that is the console checking all your Xbox LIVE updates, and checking the game updates, too. Then the console will boot to your Dashboard. Insert the FM5 disc in the drive, and select it to start the game.

Now, back out of the game to the Dashboard, select your My Games & Apps area, and go in there. In the left column are Games, Apps & Queue. If there are items in the Queue area, those are probably for FM5 and installing. Do nothing to play the game until ALL the downloads are finished and installed - even though it may say “Ready to play.” WAIT until they all install.

Now try to play the game again by going back into the Dashboard and launching FM5 from there.

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French :

J’ai fait ce que tu m’as dit, mais le jeu bug encore, lorsque je lance une course à la fin du chargement je jeu freeze et retourne au menu de la console.

Je vais aller voir mon magasin pour échanger la console, car avec mon frère, sur la sienne, le jeu marche impeccablement bien.

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I did what you told me, but the game still bug, when I start a race at the end of loading game freeze and I return to the console menu.

I’ll go see my shop for rent for the console, because my brother, on his own, the game works impeccably well.

Hier est sorti le pack de Mai, mais lorsque j’ai voulut acheter la BMW Racing, le jeu à freeze, sa recommence. J’ai était la Xbox avec le bouton de la console, puis avec l’alimentation électrique. Mais ne fait.

Que faire ?


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Yesterday was released on May pack, but when I tried to buy the BMW Racing game to freeze his again. I was with the Xbox button on the console, and with the power supply. But does.

What to do?

Thank you.