Pro Drivatars and How They Work

When I first started the game it seemed like the only thing that went in to factor when deciding what drivatars were set to the “pro” status (the extra CR drivatars) was your current car class. But in the last five months I’ve encountered one thing that sets that old hypothesis apart: the speed level expressed in the in-garage menu. For example: I always put the rally transmission on cars that have AWD swaps because the transmission is free if you put an AWD swap on any car. Well, that takes the speed on the Carrera GT down to 7.4 when fully upgraded. I went out on the open road and saw a Zonda marked as a pro drivatar.

My question now is what exactly goes into factor when the game decides what drivatars are set to the “pro” difficulty and give extra credits when you race them. Ideas?

I always found the pro drivatars to be people driving evidently faster cars, requiring you to be able to outmaneuver them or find a better route through the world to reach the finish.

I’m not sure how it works in the higher classes because I always tune my cars to be competitive for class A (and as such see high-end supercars marked as pro all the time).

True, as all the pro drivatars I’ve ever raced were in cars like the LaFerrari, P1, F1 GT, etc. But the only way I can be sure that speculated top speed would play a factor in deciding what drivatars driving what cars are marked as pro is racing a stock LaFerrari in an X class Carrera GT with an AWD swap and rally transmission.