Prize Spin Split Screen Issues

In split screen every time I level up my prize spin goes to the other player. It doesn’t matter who is signed in first or who wins or loses the race. Every time that I level up and get a prize spin I go back and it is not there. Then my friend goes and checks his prize spin and he has one even though he didn’t level up. This doesn’t happen to me on career or single player. It happens to me every time that I do split screen, which is what I am almost always playing. I really wanted to purchase the VIP membership and all the car packs like I usually do, but I can’t imagine doing that with a broken game like this. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it going to be fixed? Is there a way I can get reimbursed for all those lost prizes and prize opportunities? I can’t continue leveling up for my friends benefit and I cannot continue to play this game until this is resolved. Please help!


Same here. It’s really annoying, I’m getting all the cool stuff and the other player isn’t getting a chance for a few credits or cars.

I’ve got the same issue… My Mrs is getting frustrated with the fact that the game seems to be unfinished

Hi i got the same problem so i hope turn 10 can fix this fast!

Hello turn 10 I’ve had the same issue and its starting to get annoying please fix

Yeah this is annoying. My roommate and I play a ton of split screen, but now that 2nd player won’t get any spins for their driver level bonuses it’s super annoying to play. We miss out on a lot of bonuses so it puts us way behind the other player who is at the same driver level. They need to fix this.

Same problem! We’ve tried switching player 1 and player 2 and when we exited split screen, we got the Forza screen with the spinning circle…nothing ever happened. Tried it again and same result.