Prize Crates versus the Race Shop

I want to hear your opinion as this as this is still an ongoing issue as of late. What I hated bout the prize crates was the whole RNG (Random Number Generator) thing about it all as you would have to hope that you would get what you actually wanted but with the race shop you can pick what you want to get and leave out all the rest just like the linkin park song.

I am also quite aware that you yes you asked for this change so thank you so much for that as I’m glad to be a part of this community

I never bought the prize crates until pretty much near the end. I didn’t much care for it. The race shop is much better. It’s still random what’s going to be available when you bother to check, but at least you can see, and pick and choose what you want.

I don’t mind that for mods so much, and I actually don’t even care about badges, but there was one set of driver gear that I actually wanted, and it was weeks, maybe months to show up. I don’t hate driver gear. Character customization is fine, to the extent that it allows us to individualize our characters, and tell each other apart. But I have no desire to go and unlock all of the cosmetic items in the game. I wish there was the option to go in and buy the one you want at will, even if it is just one item, and not have to wait for it to show up. The rest can be cycled through the timer, or available as unlockable prizes for those that want to go and get them.

I hated the prize crates. Just knowing it was going to be RNG made it worse. I don’t think we’ll ever see them again. I don’t mind the race shop. It’s random in what it displays, but you’re not stuck taking everything.

I understand the frustration of having one item you’re waiting and looking for. I’ve played other games that give you the “buy it now” option if you want to spend real money.