Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh - Land Rover Defender

Hi there,

I was watching Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday 17th April. Philip’s custom design Land Rover Defender was the hearse at the funeral, carrying his coffin to St. George’s Chapel, Windsor.

I thought it would be a great idea to recreate this car in Forza Horizon 4 in honour of His Majesty, The Duke of Edinburgh.



I like it. :heavy_check_mark:

That occurred to me too, but it might be poor taste, so I don’t imagine it’ll happen.

While I would agree that hearses generally aren’t likely to be thought of as sexy for racing and that it’s not likely that we’ll see it, I would push back on the poor taste characterization in this instance as a) op clearly respectful in his suggestion as indicated by referring to it as a “tribute” and b) the fact that Prince Philip designed the customized Land Rover himself, specifically to be used as the hearse to carry his own casket with him in it!

And considering his long-time love for Land Rover and the fact that he had used customized Land Rovers many times for personal transport, I don’t believe he would be adverse to the idea of popularizing the Land Rover made famous by him for digital use in a racing game (provided the casket is not also digitized, at least).

(Curious that this thread got removed to the livery Paint Booth forum as the topic has absolutely nothing to do with livery painting.)