Prepare for Elimination weekly challenge not unlocking

I have completed 2 eliminator games now and I have won two head to heads in each of them but the weekly challenge is not unlocking at all. I even got the accolade for doing 2 eliminations in one game but nothing…

Anybody else having this issue or found a fix? I haven’t managed to win a third head to head so can’t see if that helps.

That’s this and the two dailies from last season I cannot complete now :confused:

EDIT: Restarting game seems to have triggered the unlock. Checked after a reboot and it’s now gold. If anybody else has this issue try that.


Had the same issue. Restarting the game worked for me. Thank you.

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I had the same thing…did the Eliminator, got the 2 eliminations (after a few tries!) but it didn’t credit…then saw it said “Horizon Open Eliminator” and I’d clicked the normal one. However, when I returned to free Roam next, ti suddenly showed as complete

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I also had this issue and once coming here to see the answers I done a restart of console and it then worked without having to redo the eliminator

I had the same issue and came here. The restart worked, thanks for the advice.

Thank you for the restart tip! This happened to be the final challenge I needed to complete Winter (61/61 points).

Since it didn’t trigger right away though I’m unsure if there were any extra bonuses for completing the season. Does anyone know if there are any additional bonuses for getting a seasonal completion (other than just having more points towards the overall series)?