Preordering Forza 6 Ultimate Edition on a Child/Teen account

I’ve been trying to help my son preorder Forza 6 Ultimate Edition, however there’s seemingly no way to do so. At first, we went to preorder through the Xbox itself, however it said my card type wasn’t accepted. So, we went online and tried to preorder through the Xbox website, and it all seemingly went to plan until we logged in to my son’s account, and it said that you can’t preorder this game through a Child/Teen account. To me, this makes zero sense since all of the Forza games he’s got in the past have a 3 rating, so why would this be any different? I’d understand if I was trying to preorder an 18 or something along those lines, but no. Am I missing some other way to preorder the Ultimate Edition or is there genuinely no way to do so?

Maybe this is a safety measure to prevent minors from using payments. Can the account purchase anything else?

If it’s not a simple setting change, as an account issue it would most likely be a question for Xbox Support to address:

You can preorder digital games on a child/teen account, regardless of age rating. As far as I’m aware, you can’t make any purchases at all via on a child/teen account, also regardless of age rating.

If your card itself isn’t accepted, you could maybe try making a PayPal account using said card?

You might be able to go get a Microsoft live gift card for $120 to cover the cost and your son can redeem on his account.

I was able to do this for my kids so they could get MineCraft and then Goat simulator.

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Thats actually a really good idea. Well worth a try if card payments aren’t working.

I spoke to someone who has a kid with a childs account and apparently you can set their ability to buy anything/ nothing or just free stuff. You can change this to make your purchase then change it back.