Precise Brake/Throttle control on controller triggers hurts fingers

Can we get some throttle control assist on controller for cars/builds with high modulation characteristics? Thank you!

That literally takes the skill out of these kinda cars. They are already easier to drive in this game. You also now have LC which makes launching these cars easier than ever.

Im talking about cars like the Donkervoort fully upgraded with no Aero, not regular modulating cars.

You may need to read something more than once to comprehend what is being said, or maybe you haven’t driven enough cars in the game to know what “high modulation characteristics” fully means.

I have driven enough cars considered difficult to drive. Also you can just enable TCR and ABS, if that is still not enough for you then I genuinely don’t know since those are the assists intended to do just that. (Those assists already take away from the car as is imo)

This post is referencing throttle inputs, not traction.

Finger dexterity vs foot dexterity and the strain associated with it. Please read posts more carefully. Thank you.

The traction control limits the power available so that the tires do not spin meaning even if you full throttle the game will “modulate” the throttle for you taking away the strain of having to modulate it by yourself. But I guess you knew that.

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