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Good Evening
I have pre ordered my Forza 6 copy though Xbox live and i am trying to level up on the forza hub for the Free in game content, why will it not connect with my account so the points will be added to my account. it just says Pre order today! i want my points…

I dont think you get points for preordering the game. And i think the Forza Hub doesn’t know that you have FM6 until it is installed. I mean the whole game, not this 100 MB thing.

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When I first posted, I thought there was something in the hub about points for ordering through the app, but I can’t seem to find it now.

If there’s any info on it, ManteoMax probably has the details in one of his info threads, up at the top of the forum.

To increase your Tier you have to play all the other titles and raise your driver level, miles driven, days played and so on. You dont recieve and Tier points for strickly buying one of the games, just play the living snot out of the for the next month and a half to get your tier up.

I thought the same thing as the OP - the ad in Forza Hub seemed to say “Get to a higher level! Pre-Order today!” So I pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition, and I didn’t get any Forza Reward points.

If you go back and read the fine print, it really doesn’t say that. But they talked me into buying it, so the Marketing Department did their job by putting that ad right as a pop-up before the Forza Rewards page on the Hub.

If anyone reads Dilbert - he will tell you that Marketing is really just “Liquor and guessing”. This time it worked though. Well done!

I was under the same impression. It says “pre-order today” and right next to it shows 0/3000 points.