Pre-order frustrations

A bit late i know but i was just looking through the new car list for FM6 and was shocked to see 30 cars are locked out for various DLC/WHC and pre-order incentives, i for one am totally disgusted by this,its been getting worse and worse since FM4,and as someone who has played them all i’m questioning if i should purchase this game or not as it seems my £50 doesn’t get the same as someone else’s £50.

Also its great we have 450 cars (of which ill probably only drive about 50 tops) but i would rather have 100 cars less and 20 more tracks,its the problem i had with FM5, not the cars the repetition pf race tracks.

Anyway like i said i feel like Turn 10 is backing me into a cornor and i feel the only way they will change is by not giving them my money, as i know developers/publishers only listen that way.

Almost every car is available to every player in stock form. You are not locked out from those 30 cars. Some people just get them for free.

Some people cant read.