Pre-order cars

Can anyone tell me why I can’t sell my pre-order cars this is the dumbest thing I ever heard of. I will never pre-order any FORZA game if this issue isn’t fixed. I need to make room for all the new cars that are way better than these stupid pre-order cars. Someone please help.

Did you attempt to delete the pre-order cars?

I am amazed that with a garage size limit of 1000 possible cars to have in your garage, that you would have many others that could be easily removed instead.

You’re allowed to have 500 tunes, so unless you’re racing with 250 untuned (stock) cars, I cannot see that you have such a problem at having several UNICORNs.

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Wouldn’t not preordering the game solve your issue then?

Yup. That’s the point I’m making. They’re most likely not gonna do away with the sale block, so if they don’t preorder the next game, they won’t have the problem of not being able to sell the PO cars. Thanks!

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Judging by the I will never pre-order any FORZA game if this issue isn’t fixed, op already has a handle on your ‘point.’

If they had a handle on it then kudos to them. It relieves the problem, exactly as I stated! Thanks for the confirmation!

the garage limit is 1000

and you can delete them if you want to…nothing stopping you doing that, if they are so stupid

Some cars cannot be auctioned off because we only get one, and people have been known to auction off cars, not realizing that they can’t get them back.

Yeah, but that’s their own error unfortunately and I don’t see that as a reason to block sales of them in the AH. I don’t really follow the OP’s point as there should be plenty of room for cars now and, if he really dislikes his PO car(s) that much then he can delete them (even when you could sell them in the AH the buyout was very low because they were sold so rarely). That said, I would happily sell my spare Porsche PO and Focus PO if it was possible to do so, as I don’t use them at all.

Pre-order cars cannot be sold due to duping, if I recall correctly.
When the game came out there were a ton of cars that were being duped and sold, the PO cars among them.

There’s less than 750 cars in the game and a garage size limit of 1000. There’s no way the 7 PO cars are your problem. What kind of junk do you have filling up your garage?


If you can delete them then do it, you get plenty of money in FH4, money is a skill.