Pre-order cars

So I pre ordered forza horizon 3 ultimate edition, and last month it gave me 3 free cars a jaguar, a Ferrari, and a ford it says pre order car next to the cars name and each time I press the A button on my controller to get in the car it stars loading where you can buy it then stops and says it’s unavailable I pre ordered ultimate edition and I bought the expansion pass and Porsche car pack so I have spent over $140 dollars on this game and it won’t let me use the 3 cars I want to use even though I own the normal versions of those cars please fix this. Reply if you are having the same problem or if you have this problem and want the decks to fix it.

You and hundreds of other players also. In order to have a fix they have to release as DLC or unlock them for everyone. But for now the only way to have gotten them was to perorder from the other retailers.

PS here is a multi page thread for this:

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