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Praga Bohema

Praga Bohema


Praga Bohema review: GT-R-powered Czech supercar prototype driven Reviews 2022 | Top Gear


The first road car from Praga, the Bohema’s focus is still firmly on track performance. It replaces the previous R1’s Formula Renault engine with the slightly more potent offering - the twin-turbo V6 from the Nissan GT-R. Tuned by British GT-R specialists Litchfield, the motor delivers 700 hp in the Bohema, with more potential, as they also offer a 775 hp kit for the GT-Rs. WHile the R35 can be considered a bit heavy due to its incredible tech and smart AWD, the Bohema is anything but, weighing in at under 1000 kg. The Bohema produces real downforce, too, all but matching its own weight at high speeds. Praga has also done some clever engineering by placing the passenger seat slightly behind the driver to decrease the cockpit’s front area, reducing drag. The suspension arms have low-drag covers, and the rear wheel covers hide luggage compartments. All in all, a decent debut for the Czech company, certainly worthy of a place in Forza.


Yes, Surely be nice to have this car in Forza Horizon 5. :wink:


Let’s increase the volume of the Track Toys category… :crossed_fingers: