potential rev hang fix

Good news for everyone ! So heres what . I ordered an external hdd (western digital 7200rpm my book 2tb) . came today , i installed it , moved forza horizon 2 to hdd and besides the faster loading times goodbye rev hangs ! my theory is that the rev hangs occured when the game was loading something and the audio of the car you where driving was losing sync so since you have a faster hard drive long loadings where where reduced and small loadings(during rev hangs) are gone . i played the game for around 3 hours no rev hangs what so ever on the new drive !
So i think if you were thinking of buying an external hdd and play a lot of forza this is a must i think .
If someone try s it let me know im not the only one experiencing this
Game on !

Yes other people have reported it being fixed in the rev hanging thread lol

Still should not have to pay more money because MS cheaped out on the hard drive,they should send all owners the new 1TB console.

They weren’t cheaping out so much as unable to add a much larger HDD without putting the X1 past a $500 price point at launch, according to this article. The 500GB X1 costs $350 now while the 1TB X1 costs $400. For what’s essentially a budget gaming PC I’d say that’s more than reasonable.