Potential Goofy Voting Data In The Suggestions Hub

Didn’t see a better place, so in here it goes

I’ve been observing the Suggestions Hub for a while (no one noticed i bet) and very recently, two cars have been springing up in vote count like crazy, two cars from the BYD subbrand “Yangwang”, the U8 and U9:

This was the data for the U9 yesterday at 11:46 CEST (I think the U8 sat at around 70-80 by the end of the day)

This was the data for both of them half an hour ago

And it’s only those two cars that are experiencing this massive upswing from what i can tell, why are these two the only ones that are experiencing such a massive upswing, it looks weird (especially since that hasn’t affected other cars, as an example, the current Top 3 with data comparisons from last month (Data from last month taken on the 26th of March at 22:00 CET):

Nissan Sentra B12/Tsuru - 3620, up 53 from last month (3567)
Mercedes-McLaren SLR - 1217, up 81 from last month (1136)
Toyota (GR) Yaris Gen4 - 925, up 58 from last month (867)

compared to the upswing for the U9 over the last 30 or so hours, from 96 up to 175, up 79 compared to yesterday.)

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Very diplomatic of you to use the term ‘goofy’. And ‘potential’.

Perhaps the people topping all the speed trap, zone, danger sign & trailblazer leader boards are big fans of these cars?


That doesn’t correlate with the other data though, wouldn’t there be a constant uplift for other cars that are wanted a lot? Why only those two?

I can definitely back this up.

Not long ago both cars were sitting below the 40 Vote mark overall.

Unfortunately the Pages aren’t available on the Wayback Machine so I can’t see a direct timeline but the U8 in particular has seen a gigantic jump in Votes with no convincing explanation at all.

And to complement this I’ve just had a look at some of the other BYD Topics of which some are around 3 or more months older than these 2 and they’re struggling to reach double-digits on a few.

If this is Legit then one would expect people to simultaneously be interested in the Brand as a whole or similar offerings from other Chinese Brands.

For these two in particular to be so high it’s incredibly suspect, especially considering that the NIO EP9 which is by far the most famous Chinese Hypercar is only at 8 Votes which doesn’t make sense in comparison.

That one makes sense though, as it is in FH5, which usually lowers voting totals overall

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Indeed but I’d still expect it to be higher than what is a complete unknown to the majority of the Western World regardless.

Same here, especially seeing as it doubled in count over two days, don’t think there is another car that did that since the very early days

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Yea definitely

Update today, it’s officially doubled, ca. 2 Votes per hour, which is ridiculous, this also beats the SLR by 24, with a plus of 105 in two days

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The top of those leaderboards are obviously unobtainable with normal gameplay. People on Level 2999 et cetera. Perhaps these are the sort of people voting for unknown cars in large numbers?

I was saying that calling it goofy and not, perhaps suspicious or something much worse, is to your credit.