possible bug in horizon 2

if my car is not near the green driving line for some reason it will act as if i am not pressing on the gas even though i have my finger pressed on the right trigger for my xbox one controller. i have dealt with since the beginning of the game. different controllers did not help. is this a bug? intentional penalty if so it sucks big time. and needs to be removed from all forza games if it is in them. i know it is in horizon 2 and only occurs in races not free roam or roadtrips.

Do you have braking assist on perhaps?

That would be my guess, or braking assist.

brake assist is on but its not acting as if my car is braking at these points only if i am not pressing on the gas it is really annoying. its a very slow decrease in speed not a fast decrease like braking would do.

Did you even try it without the assist on?

If the line turns red it will brake, it will brake for no reason when the line is red for no reason. There are other instances where it will just brake. Probably the worst assist to have on. Turn it off, start with leaving abs on, turn abs off later after you get used to it., easiest assist to overcome. There are just too many spots where it will unnecessarily engage the brake. The more assists you turn off the faster you will be. Long ago I used this stuff but it was really easy to overcome if you just take it step by step and turn off one assist at a time until you get used to it. You will enjoy the game more and have far more control of your car. I know it seems daunting but it really isn’t especially in Horizon. Just like in a real car, you wouldn’t slam the brake pedal to the floor to slow down. Use the trigger as if it is a pedal and slowly brake