Possibility of Forza themed Series X?

I still haven’t bought a Series X. What do you guys think the chance is that there will be a Forza Motorsport Series X? There was a FM6 Xbox One.

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By the time FM8 comes out in Spring 2023 the XSX will be close to end of life IMO and I would just wait until they announce the new console called something silly like Xbox X Series One S

I hadnt bought a series console either yet… if they ever decide to release one I know I would pick it up XD. The Fm6 xbox is so unique and the startup with the engine noise is just such a neat touch.

In what world will this gen only last a little over 2 years? And during the chip shortage??

I said close to end of life. Not end of life. I wouldn’t be surprised if by mid 2023 we hear news of the next Xbox console due for a release sometime in 2024 which is powerful enough to run the next generation of games that have been actively under development by all the studios Microsoft has acquired.

Bear in mind the XSX can’t play FH5 at 4k 60fps on high settings. Mid 2023 the new FM8 lands which presumably will have higher system requirements then FH5, therefore it most likely will be limited to 4k 30fps and will need custom tuning to perform at its best on XSX which will look and behave noticably different compared to a high spec PC at this point in time and will be showing its age.

But the XSX does have a 4k 60fps mode for FH5.

Yes, you’re right but this is through performance mode where many graphics settings are turned down. Whereas quality mode can only support 30 fps with these same settings set to high and comes with the horrible blur.

Horizon is limited to 30 fps because it’s open world. FM8 will be 60fps, just like FM7.

FM8 will be one of the showcase titles for the Series generation, like Halo 6, presumably even more so now that it’s had a longer development time.

I don’t see a mid life power boost or ‘Pro’ upgrade for a few years yet. Neither PS5 nor SX is lacking power or showing their age yet. What they both lack are games developed solely for them. Still games are launching on last gen because of the huge number of consoles out there, and the ongoing shortage of new gen. If/when supply catches up with demand, then we can expect to hear about the next step.

In the meantime, I would expect MS and Sony studios to be releasing all those games that sell the consoles.

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As everyone is saying, I do not see the Series consoles getting an upgrade for quite a while, much less a new gen.

With that noted, and Forza being a mainstay for Microsoft (notable horzion first, motorsport second), I think they will almost definitely release a Forza Motorsport Livery for the Series X.

Maybe, MAYBE, they won’t release a livery for the whole Xbox, but of not we will 100% get a controller livery (probably with an in game bonus.)

We’ll probably see a new console by 2030 with how things are going. The devs have a lot to explore and fine tune with the new consoles - sometimes too much i.e. Fable that is undergoing a lot of changes to meet an internal deadline.

It would be better to have a new controller either the Elite Series 3 or a new design for the basic controller which they are working on, but I doubt it will be that fast.

Hence, a limited edition console for Forza Motorsport just like Halo Infinite seems possible, but it could be a limited edition XSS.

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I would buy that FM XBox SX. I need a second XSX anyway. Got that FM6 XBox too.
Black for Living Room and FM Box for my Rig.


I am waiting for that too. Sadly didnt get the chance to buy the halo version.
A motorsport XSX would be really appreciated. If I can lay my hands on one that is.

Do what I did: forget the Xbox and just buy a decent PC. Laptop, desktop, doesn’t matter nowadays. If there were to be such a product, it’s gonna cost around $600.00. Now, if you’ve got money like that to blow, by all means be my guest and blow that money out.

Or… buy a regular system and a $4.99 pack of stickers and design that plastic console skin to your heart’s desire. You’ll get more performance and modularity out of a decent, modern laptop than you’ll ever get with any gaming console.

And, off topic, another account whose last post was three years ago. I find it so odd how all these folks pop up for the first time in years only to promote new releases and ask probing questions like these. Not a personal pick, per se, but odd seeing so many people who haven’t posted in nearly the exact same amount of time. Almost as if Microsoft is spoofing old accounts and using them to check community approval of certain costly things, lol.