Possibility of dynamic weather/time of the day

Maybe its not possible with Forza 6 but isn’t it technically possible by cloud computing? Weather/time of the day computing should be low enough latency to pawn off to the cloud, much like the building destruction on the Crackdown demo. Maybe we’ll be able to see this on forza 7 in couple years.

I think Horizon 2 showed that it’s possible in the Forza franchise. Is it possible at a locked 60 fps is the question? I think so. As T10 and Playground Games build on and optimze “ForzaTech” we’ll probably get a hint of what they’ll be able to do when/if they show Horizon 3.

I’m with Shaggy in that FH3 will show us what’s possible. It’s almost as if PG and the Horizon franchise has become a “testing” ground more or less for Motorsport. I think we might see PG try and pull off 60fps with dynamic weather and day/night cycles. But I also feel that Motorsport wanted a more authentic feel to racing in the rain as opposed to it being just gimmick of sorts, so that’s why they went with static for FM6. Maybe they’ll find a way to reproduce a dynamic cycle with authenticity for FM7 and evolve Forza Tech even more.