Porsche Tapiro concept 1970-1970

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Designed by Italdesign and placed upon the Chassis of a Porsche 914/6

It had a Mid-Mounted 2.4 F6 from the 914/6 but heavily tuned with 220hp (164kw) connected to the Rear Wheels with a 5-Speed Manual and providing a Top-Speed of up to 152mph.

It was designed in 1970 and Was intended to be aready for production Show-Car as opposed to just a look at what the future could hold (although it massively inspired later supercars).

The story gets a bit spotty but this what I can can gather:

After being shown off at the Turin Motor Show and then later in 1971 at Los Angeles after which it was taken to a Show in Madrid for 1973 where it was purchased by a Local Businessesman and then sold again to a Musician who used it as a Daily Driver for a while.

Unfortunately the Car itself had several issues and the biggest of which was that like the 914/6 it’s Carburettors liked to overflow at load. Due to the higher power of this car this was even more catastrophic and in 1974 the Car caught fire and completely burnt itself out one day, thankfully nobody was injured but the only car was destroyed.

Other stories say the car crashed while others say it was intentionally firebombed but neither can be proven true. The lack of front damage makes the accident very unlikely so it either caught fire itself or was the victim of arson.

The Wreck of the Car is now on Display at the Design Offices of Italdesign in Italy.