Porsche in FM6

Now that we know that porsche comes to forza 6 on the 1st of march with 20 new cars and a new track for20$, I wonder: if you have the FM6 ultimate edition, do you get the expansion for free?
If you want check ar12´s video on youtube. He tells you all about it.

If you do its a straight out gift because there is nothing that has suggested it is included in the Ultimate Edition.

Nothing has been officially announced by Turn 10. We can only hope that the Porsche Expansion will be coming sooner than later and most likely this will not be coming with the car pass since it’ll be an expansion. This thread is gunna be locked since there’s already a huge thread on it. http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst37756_Porsche-and-FM6--see-post--1-and--340.aspx

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