Porsche 963 - what do you think?

Realistically they need to make money

The game is $70. Not some free to play korea shooter with a battlepass.

If they wanted money, they should’ve released a good game. That’s how it works.

(unless you’re some sports/fps drone who buys every copy of NBA, MADDEN, FIFA, or Cod every year)

Not to mention if you’re going to make your game “LIVE SERVICE” you should just commit to it. This game is a live service in the sense you need to connect to the server to even play it.

But there’s no battle pass, there’s no auction house, there’s almost nothing that requires it to be a live service.


That’s why the game isn’t free. This pricing of this is absolutely unhinged.

But you’re right about one thing. They really couldn’t afford that move. For real, I think they actually made some encouraging progress through the updates, and what little positive opinion they managed to claw back from me has been shot in the back of the head like a South Dakota governor’s pet. If I was a dev there I’d be pissed at whomever made that decision.


I just downloaded the 963. Not gonna lie I am a bit excited about this car. At least for right now it’s free. Besides the 963 gives me 911 GT1 vibes.

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It’s a super fun car!

You’re in for a treat.

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Haven’t DLC cars traditionally started not long after the Car Pass ended anyway?

We’re also 9 months past release date, in the old alternate-year days they would have been gearing up for a new FH release so the game would have been seeing the usual content injections to try and keep people playing it.

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The way this car handles straight out of the showroom (so to speak) is incredible. I can actually handle this thing. It makes driving this level of car fun.

The down side is this…

It just shows that they totally screwed up when they released the Caterham into the game. The Caterham handles like garbage. Now anyone who cares about cars knows the Caterham doesn’t handle like the forza facsimile in the game. And the way the Porsche handles just shows they can make a car handle well in game stock form.

In the future updates they owe it to the players to retask all of the base setups to morr actually reflect the real car handling characteristics. I don’t think it would screw up anyone’s existing tunes. But it would allow players to go back and revisit their favorite cars from stock form and moving forward as well with new cars coming into the game.


The Caterham handled like a bag of noodles! It was so frustrating I just gritted my teeth, skipped practice and got the series done.

The 963 as you say though is sublime. So enjoyable to drive and flog around Sebring. The way you can just full throttle change direction and it just tracks is mint!

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Base tune is awful. Camber is off and tire pressure makes no sense. Once their totally useless base tune is gone, it’s pretty solid.

Think I ended up somewhere around 35f / 38r psi tire pressure, and reduced rear camber by .2 or .3.

Have yet to dive into the rest of the suspension tho. Imagine more gains are to be had once the rest is dialed in. I cut a good 2 secs off my LeMans lap time by doing the above tho.

Glad you found something that worked. I got it a bit better but still hated it.

Youre totally right, the game should have been better and its not really a live service title, believe me im not making excuses for them. But that doesnt change the fact that they cant continue supporting a game that isn’t making money.

If you look at the xbox best selling charts in the racing category, more people paid for the premium add-on bundle then they did for the other versions of the game. That means most people play on gamepass and didnt pay full price.

I have no doubts they are desperate for revenue. As the saying goes people should vote with their wallets. In this case the vote was clear, people arent buying what turn 10s selling so theyre gonna need to come up with something that will sell. If they cant, hopefully they patch in an offline mode before they turn the lights off.

Added the porsche 963 vs Cadillac V-series.R wallpaper for my console and it looks amazing! :grin:

Update: 1st time at sebring!

Porsche 963 is so OP! :grin: :de:

Found a plane too. :slightly_smiling_face:


The what?


Hahaha, that plane looks like it shouldn’t be capable of any sort of flight!

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible


What’s that Thomas the Tank engine knockoff called? Jayjay the Jet plane. I see he’s out of retirement.


It’s great. Love it.

I absolutely love the 963! It looks great, makes all the right noises and is amazing to drive!
Maybe one thing that’s a missed opportunity, the PI is rated at 957 stock, not 963…

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It’s a plane in forza, this ain’t The Crew, you figured it out. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@PizzaEnjoyer685 that’s a Bumblebee not a Bee btw.


Kinda looks like a BumbleBee just the wrong color :sweat_smile:

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