Porsche 935 1976-1981

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Porsche 935 1976-1981

This topic covers all Group 5 and GTP race spec versions of the Porsche 935: 935/76, 935/77, 935/78 Moby Dick, and Kremer versions.

I would be great to see the original Group 5 Version of 1977 in the game, it would be a great car for Forza Motorsport.

If there is a possibility, please ad the 935 Kremer K3. A modified version of the 935 by the cologne racecar builder Kremer with many improvements and was often more successful than the factory 935 racecars. It won in 1979 Le Mans as a underdog, raced the 24H Daytona, and won every Group 5 Series you can imagine…
There was one street legal car too.


1978 Porsche 935/78


1980 Porsche 935/ Kremer K3 Road Version.

A One-off built for Walter Wolf

It’s literally just the Race Car with some Turn Signals, a slightly detuned engine and a new interior.

Power is still a giant 740hp coming out of the 2.9L F6 Twin-Turbo and it’s plugged into the 4-Speed Transmission used in the Car at Le Mans with long Gear Ratios.

Interior is mostly comprised of parts of a standard 930 with a custom Speedometer and leather.


A Second Road Legal One-Off 935 but this time built by Porsche themselves in 1983 for Mansour Ojjeh, the owner of the TAG Company.

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Speaking about 935, what happened to the new one ? When will we get it? It’s already available in fh5 and spotted in fm trailers.

Honestly not a clue…
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I will, but it was already spotted in developer direct 2023