Porsche 917 1969-1973

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Porsche 917

This topic includes all variants of the 917 other than the 1970 Porsche #3 917 LH already featured in FM.

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 1973 Porsche # 6 Penske Sunoco 917/30 Can-Am Spyder (FM7)
  • 1971 Porsche #23 917/20 (FM7 | FH4-FH5)


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Which variants do you prefer?

  • 917 (1969)
  • 917PA
  • 917K (1970)
  • 917 16 Cylinder
  • 917K (1971)
  • 917LH (1971)
  • 917 Interserie Spyder
  • 917/10 (1971)
  • 917/10 (1972)
  • 917/20
  • 917/30
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The Sunoco 917/30 would be a good fit for FH5 as well. The /30 was the final evolution of the 917 and is often credited for “killing” the Can-Am sports car series. The monstrous flat-12 produced 1100 PS in race trim, and up to 1600 during qualifying. The Chevrolet-engined McLarens that had previously dominated the series, were simply no match. It only raced during the 1973 season and was effectively outlawed with fuel consumption regulations for next year. The 917/30 is widely considered to be the most powerful racing sports car ever made and definitely made its mark on the racing world, despite only racing for a year. This monster would be incredible to drive in Forza, especially given modern tires and handling-focused upgrades.


1970 Porsche 917K


The 917/10 Spyder (Can Am).


This is a MUST for forza motorsport :gem:

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Is there a way to put the 917 k on another topic because they always give us the other models but never the most famous one which is 917 K from 1970. I really love the car and I believe it needs to be in the game.

This is a pure piece of art.

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would love to see the 917/20 and 917/30 make their way to FM, iconic cars that go overshadowed far too often, similarly to the 956 which was strangely absent from forza games until recently. please show some love to these racers!

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Bring it back please!

The one in FH5 plz.

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It would be cool to have both of these versions of the 917, the Red and white striped 917k for Le Mans and the RC Cola sponsored 917/10 for Can-Am. Both monstrous prototypes of the 70s.


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1969 Porsche 917 LH

1969 Porsche 917 K

1969 Porsche 917 ‘Interserie Spyder’

1970 Porsche 917 LH

This car is already in the game

1970 Porsche 917 K

1971 Porsche 917 LH

1971 Porsche 917 K

1971 Porsche 917/10

1971 Porsche 917/20 Le Mans

1972 Porsche 917/10

1972 Porsche 917/10 Turbo

1972 Porsche 917/30 Spyder