Porsche 914 (racing spec)

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Porsche 914 (racing spec)

1970 Porsche 914-6 GT Lemans Winning #40

For the uninitiated, the GT model is different than the standard 914-6 in previous Forza games, and also different than the 916 concept that is available to vote on.

The 914-6/GT has some pretty significant racing pedigree, beating all the 911s at LeMans in 1970,
and everything else in its class.


MC Tubarão 914 Silhouette (Campeonato Gaúcho de Super Turismo)

Some specs and data:
Engine: Honda K20 (its engine can even be a swap, especially for Hondas and Acuras, called something like “2.0 VVT I4 - RACING” or “RACING 2.0 VVT I4”)
Estimated Power: Around 276hp
Car Team: MC Tubarão
Drivers: Paulo Sousa and Mauro Kern
Championships Raced: Campeonato Gaúcho de Super Turismo, Campeonato Gaúcho de Endurance and the Interlagos Thousand Miles
Also, I see a slight “Group 5” look on this car


1970 Porsche 914/6 GT