Porsche 911 2019-current (992)

Well I rather the ST.

I even rather the 991 R.

Thats the one I want the most

As long as it has optional roof have any.

And the GTS Hybrid hope it’s the 4, means has to be AWD.

Bro the GT2 RS and the Speedster doesn’t even exist as 992 Version. You talking about the 991? Why duplicates cars, I rather another macan and cayenne.

It should be Turbo S first then GT3 RS, then 911 Dakar

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Nop GT3 RS first always. GT7 has it I can’t wait to see it it’s the most overrated car so.

The GT3 RS isn’t “always first”, Turbo S comes before GT3 RS
The 991 version came first in FH2, the GT3 RS came after that in FH3 so you’re 100% wrong!

Because it was a 2014 model and the GT3 RS didn’t came till 2016. Now both exist so they could add the 2023 GT3 RS and the 2025 Turbo S but first the RS, then Turbo S then the Dakar then the ST then the Sport Classic and finally the GTS 4 Targa. And that’s it the 998 next gen till come out in 2032.

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The 991 GT3 RS was unveiled in 2015, the Turbo S was unveiled in late 2012, whereas the 992 Turbo S was launched in March 2020 and the GT3 RS wasn’t unveiled until August 2022
So it should Turbo S first then GT3 RS

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Doesn’t matter the year. So then why adding the Mission R, Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo S and the GT4 RS? Add first the overrated which is GT3 RS. Also it would be more exited. I would be disappointed if the add the turbo s.

Look everyone wants the GT3 RS and that’s what will Forza do, actually the GT3 RS was leaked in a file. Along mc20

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Uhh no then after that the GT2 RS and Speedster

No more Turbo S

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Let’s do a deal. How about they add the GT3 RS and the Turbo S at the same time. Ok?

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NGL, the GT3RS is the one I want the most out of all the 911 (992)'s

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Oh thank god you on my team. Me too.

Too overrated so I’m going with a Targa or S/T or Sport Classic