Poor FPS In Autoshow (Xbox One X)

I recently got a brand new Xbox One X for Christmas and it came with a free copy of Horizon 4. I had been loving it, but after this recent season change to winter this week, I noticed that in the Autoshow or while at one of my houses, the game will randomly drop to extremely low fps. I never know when it’ll happen, or why it happens, and it doesn’t stay that way for very long, but it’s seriously bothering me. I’m just wondering if it’s just the game and nothing I should worry about, or if my brand new Xbox is having problems. I’m really looking for some help.

Try properly restarting your console from the console settings screen and press restart console
I do it at least once a week and very rarely have issues

Unfortunately, I’ve already been doing that after reading your response to someone else concerning performance drops, and the restarts don’t help, nor does turning the console off using the power button and unplugging it. It’s barely a month old. Surely it can’t already be having issues, can it? It’s in a well-ventilated space and everything. I haven’t been rough with it or hit it or anything. No one else is having this severe FPS issue with the game while in the autoshow or a house?

Same here on One X. Yesterday I noticed that the ingame train was extremely stuttering. Looked like 10FPS max.