Polls: FM Update 9 content feedback

The indicator I go by is whether there’s spray coming of the tyres. No spray is slicks (with some struggle), with spray instant wets. When the track is drying, the wets will also overheat rather quickly.
These are not clear indicators, but it’s something. Would be better if our ‘engineer’ would recommend the switch instead of just saying 3 laps remaining.

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Some additional thoughts:

  • The Week 1 race at Silverstone was horrendous. This is because I picked the brand new Porsche 963, LMH at 950 PI, while the AI was allowed to pick LMP1s at 999 PI, and was effectively unbeatable. The AI is supposed to pick cars I can compete with, not the other way around.

  • The featured tour with 8 endurance races ended up being longer than previous featured tours. Considering I had a particularly horrendous time with two of these races (Week 1 at Silverstone for reasons aforementioned, Week 3 at Brands Hatch because of the weather, also previously mentioned)

  • I think the clouds look better than before. Especially on sunrise/sunset.

  • The game freezes after almost every race if I try to go back to main menu. The races are marked as completed in career, although I can’t confirm nor deny whether I got my credits. In any case it’s extremely annoying having to Alt+F4 and relaunch the game to get back to main menu.


For whatever reason, the AI has had set PI for all of the multi-division races. Of the 4 races that meant Silverstone was very difficult in some of the car choices (because of the X class Porsche) and Kyalami was ridiculously easy in a tuned car (because none of the AI were above PI940).

I think that feels like a simple mistake, which can be easily solved in future. The more significant problem with those races was that the AI programming simply can’t cope with overtaking slower cars. Even at Daytona, with a massive wide speedway to overtake on, they take ages to get past. That needs solving to make that sort of endurance race a more fun experience.

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My group plays private multiplayer only. Our requests are only to further improve stability to prevent VRAM leaks that lead to crashes and release more content. Feels like the faucet is set to a slow drip compared to Forza 3 thru 7.

For us, it’s in both main menu and private multiplayer lobby. No common factor and independent of hardware. I can be running solid 72fps on latest drivers and suffer a memory crash at any moment. I will agree that mid race is smoothest with least crashes, but some in my group have crashed graphics drivers mid-race.

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For me this was skipped update, I like to play SP only and I have no intrest for long races so I just downloaded the porsche and checked if vinyl and paint glossiness mismatch was fixed, it was not, so waiting next update if it brings anything interesting…


You can get the B16 with the Open Class Tour. No long races required. The car really worth it.

The update was alright but more cars a month would be nice. 3 cars isnt a lot.

I couldnt be bothered to do the open class tours, and my busy life keeps me from getting into the longer races.

I wanted to try some endurance multiplayer events, but I had little time to race.

“Content”… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sweat_smile:

Overall this was a good update, I enjoyed the events and element of strategy. It would be nice to have a more accurate weather forecast or maybe my pit crew tell me when rain is going to come and tyres are recommended. Also please get rid of FOMO.


This update, like the other updates before it, does not fix the main problem with Forza Motorsport.
The absolutely incompetent AI. You can tweak the game as much as you like, but as long as the single-player content constantly causes frustration due to the unrealistic driving behavior of the AI, FM will never be able to compete with other racing games or establish itself as a serious racing simulation.
It can’t be that this important feature is completely ignored by the developers.
What good are the most beautiful tracks, the latest cars and great graphics (not super graphics) if the AI does not display realistic driving behavior? It is pushed, rammed, pushed off the track, the player is partially ignored and the AI simply drives its line… etc. etc. etc.
The same with the penalty system… completely opaque and arbitrary.
Without a good single player area, you won’t get any players for the multiplayer area in the long run.
As before, I can only advise anyone not to buy this game.
Oh yes, since update 9 the game crashes regularly when leaving events.
The same goes for the loading times of tracks… horrible.


I never liked single player games

But other players might just want to enjoy a round without ramming vehicles… and that’s not possible in multiplayer either… it’s even worse there than with the AI and the penalties don’t really work there either.

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I actually liked the endurance races because, among other things like the beautiful sunset, almost all race cars had their correct tire labels. Made the races and especially replays worth watching.

I still have one question, what took so long that endurance races are only now coming with changing times of day?
I’ve been waiting for it since FM2, because it makes these races far more realistic, thanks to that👍

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Yeah, it is a pity that endurance races already disappeared. They promised multi class, let’s hope it will come back soon.

Remember: “Promises - No Promises”. It’s not just mear words, it’s the corporate mantra.

With update 10 is the game evolving or devolving?

It looks like side-volving… If such a thing existed. LOL

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Sebring good, not happy about not enough time to practice/qualify going to next race in multiplayer (might as well remove qualifying completely), I don’t play the fomo content.