Polls: FM Update 8 content feedback

Do you notice all the old models that feel like they have just been bought over from previous title feel more flat than the new to FM8 ones, I reckon they do, they feel stiffer out of the box plus you can tell that not much work has gone into the interior

Why they not just moved the boundary on Mid Ohio instead of putting a wall there? I STRONGLY DISLIKE that wall.

Honestly, I’m not sure. The lighting in the garage and on track seems different but not really better, so I’ve assumed that’s why things don’t look the same.

I was hoping for so much after seeing the first teaser trailer, with new liveried race cars at a spruced up Laguna, stuff happening in a garage and a trophy, race suit & helmet collection adorning the walls, but like they say in Glasgow, it was all fur coat and nae knickers.

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I think the highlight of this update is how I can finally have glossy vinyls on a gold base paint, and it only took 8 months.

I don’t particularly like the Big Oil sponsorship, but I also wasn’t going to pay for more development so I guess thanks Exxon Mobil. Almost makes me glad every summer is hotter than the last.

The Ginetta G40 was a really fun car to play with and possibly the most interesting addition to the game this far. It’s certainly more interesting than another 911 Cayman.

And now we come to the part where I say stop to take away reward cars and featured tours, and then it’s not adressed and still happens anyways.


I meant in general when it comes to accuracy if they all have mistakes why not mitigate as much as you can instead of creating more hassle?

This barrier was definitely the work of someone who worked on FM7.

It makes me think about Jeremy Clarkson’s attitude to fixing problems. "Allright, I’ll just use a hammer :hammer: " but instead insert tirewalls.

I haven’t been around FM7 but please do not use that attitude when it comes to fixing things.


This question sucks. I prefer B and lower class cars, but the higher classes get much better track rotation. So, literally none of them are best.

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Fix the Caterham! There is absolutely no way the car is this darn terrible in reality.

Is this stock or upgraded? Seemed ok at A800 and I don’t have much faith in T10s stock tunes generally.

Both for me. The car is generally bad.

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more AI & FRR improvements please.


AI very obviously does not suffer tire wear, or if they do, their egregious always on grip cheat negates any effects of tire wear. This combined with their full fuel loads they always take and don’t suffer a weight penalty for, ensures they only pit once and do so very quickly. At some point your AI needs to be experiencing the same physics and on track conditions as the player. This on rails stuff sucks. It doesn’t go away unless the player is within a couple car lengths or so and then they start doing dumb crap like braking hard in apexes or corner exits for no reason. AI is just inexcusably bad for a big budget game in this day and age. It’s easily eclipsed by games made 20 years ago which is totally bonkers.

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