Polls: Dia de Muertos (Series 26) recap

Last question on the poll didn’t work properly. I couldn’t get the “Vote” button to be active unless “No preference” was one of my choices. If I didn’t click on it, I couldn’t vote at all.

I loved all rhe car packs i have bought all expansion packs , and still want more cars . Even in forza motorsport. The new lucid car and DaVinci car are amazing . Love to see them there . I would love to see more circuit racing forza horizon. The cars i am missing are the older brands what we have in fm4 . Chrysler saab , opell kadett , citroen , kia , suzuki , seat

Genuinely surprised how little love the classics get. Porsche 356 SL and Ferrari 250 GT Lusso come to mind, both some of the best cars added to Forza, there’s also the Porsche 550 Spyder, Mercedes 300 SLR ‘722’ or the Porsche 917 Pink Pig, all awesome cars, they’re all a 10 for me.