Polls: Dia de Muertos (Series 26) recap

I’m not, i just have a feeling that his first Forza was FH4, which was a pretty radical departure from anything before it in the monetization department (examples are the Expansions being included in Ultimate and barely any car packs were being made for most of its lifespan), FH5 is going back (by popular demand) towards the way it used to be while not fully making it like it was

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Speaking as another adult, I’ve already received over 100 new cars since launch for free, and if I have to pay less than the price of a fast-food meal for some more new cars in a specialty pack, that doesn’t seem so bad.


I’ve said this more than once and will continue to keep saying this. The vaule dollar per entertaiment hour is better than going to a movie , getting take out food, daily coffee / tea … etc

when you math out the purchase price then divide by how many hours you have played that figure may shock you. The entitlement of some self proclaimed adults is baffling. In my case i bought the prem. edition on sale (-10%) for $95 and have played for 2590hrs so far that equals 0.03 (3 cents) per hour of entertainment. You can not even buy a single stick of chewing gum for that price today. So i have and will continue to purchase car packs as they get released.

added in to the prem. edition + 4 carpacks
$128 / 2590hrs = 0.047 (5 cents per hour)

  • would you rather a third tier to the weekly festival playlist to have 60pt cars ??? just saying

No bro…Im currently at 21pts n thinking about the pain to get the belvedere!!! :rofl: :rofl:

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they get it ^ :clap:

People out here ignoring the possibility that Playground could maybe, just maybe, add the cars to the autoshow instead of using FOMO live service or charging money for new cars.


yep and you can not do something like that in one single fail swoop either. so if so a transition or break in period is needed while this could very welll be that.

The #NewToForza list of cars tune doesn’t have a lot of notes imo. Really just looking forward to the American not new to Forza cars but classic muscle cars pulled from previous versions this series. :person_shrugging: I’d enjoy more plus NewToForza classic muscle or more 58-87 Impalas.

Happy to have new road sprints and hope that more road sprints are coming along with road circuits, street scene routes and dirt trails/circuits.


I want a '59 Impala in the game. I love that car. Everything about it. The shape of the rear end, the teardrop taillights, it’s just perfect. Dream car material.


If all the cars in this Series were as Mexico themed as the Tsuru, we’d have one of the best Series in FH5 history, which is one of the easiest things to do ever. Sadly there were only 3 actually new cars and one random recycled car, and only one car was perfectly related to the Update theme. No returning cars brought back to the Autoshow.
Another thing that bothers me is that you can’t stop adding Car Packs which are not included in the highest version of the game. People paid $100 for this festival of misery with all add-ons and are now expected to give you additional $25 for 23 cars. That’s over a third of the base game’s price! At least give Premium owners a discount, or combine those packs into a decently priced bundle.


I love the new Golf R and Lamboghini Hurancan technica. German and italian cars are the best. Would also love the addition of the Bugatti chiron supersport or something like that.

I enjoy the updates, and I love the work from Playground Games, but I think it might be time to move on to the next game of the franchise. Bring Forza Horizon 6, please.

série bem fraca comparada as anteriores na minha opinião, tivemos sim carros legais como o ford bronco raptor e o nissan tsuru 2010, porém de resto foi fraco demais, mas ainda sim, está melhor do que muitas séries que já tivemos nesses 2 anos. Outro ponto que vale a pena comentar, é o pacote de carros, onde temos carros que se estivessem na playlist do festival, iriam fazer a série ser muito melhor, um exemplo disso é a porsche cayman e o golf mk8 que poderia ser facilmente substituidos pelo meyers manx 2.0 e pelo ford bronco raptor.


yeah, you should be proud of being used to getting ripped off man, thumbs up!
look at me, i played the previous titles so getting scammed is ok for me :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Series 26 felt a bit of a filler series rather than a series that has pretty exciting content to celebrate Día de Muertos. The new Festival Playlist exclusive cars were OK. I really like the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor. I did also drove the 2010 Nissan Tsuru in a few The Eliminator matches this week and I am very happy we got an option for the starting car. Unfortunately, I did also got eliminated three times before I actually got the Challenge completed… so I guess it has its own drawbacks of it being so obvious to stand out. When I looked at the upgrades for the Tsuru, there’s LOTS of engine swaps. I might need to look at these 4 cars more closely later on… except the number 46 Porsche cause it looks pretty ugly in my opinion. It is not my typical go to.

I did not purchase the Super Speed Car Pack DLC and from looking at the cars and of course checking AR12 Nick’s videos, I am not going to straight up buy this Car Pack. None of the 4 cars really makes me feel like I need to purchase it. I do LOVE the Italian Exotics Car Pack in Series 24’s Italian Automotives Update primarily due to the Lamborghini Essenza which is now my new favorite car in terms of looks cause I am a sucker for the green and black colours. The Series 27’s American Automotive Car Pack, I am actually going to buy that one immediately due to the Czinger. It looks REALLY cool!

Overall, Series 26 felt like it was an underwhelming filler. I do like the drone show and the props at Mulegé but I do agree with plenty of others. Mulegé feels bland, even with props. The Super Speed Car Pack felt like it missed the mark with the cars compare to updates prior and now that includes them and overall, I am now feeling more bored of playing Forza Horizon 5 on the regular. I haven’t done much with EventLab 2.0 features since the update came out mainly cause I am starting to lose interest with the game that I am starting to play other games like Minecraft and now the new Forza Motorsport. I am typically a casual gamer with a lot of games. I do kinda like the new outfits we got to celebrate Día de Muertos (as seen in the image), but yeah. So far I am liking Series 27’s American Automotives and I am looking forward to getting the other cars in that series… even though none of the new cars are Dodge or Jeep (Come on! You can’t have American cars without new cars from those two brands).

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if this is the only game you play, like a lot of people I know, it’s an incredibly cheap entertainment value. It’s almost free based on the daily financial impact, even with a new car pack + game pass it’s less than $23 US per month, or 75¢ per day. add in the initial investment of $100 split over 730 days since release and it’s not even close to a penny per day. so let’s throw in the outrageous $900 I paid for a console and $120 i’ve lost on controllers/replacements. that’s an extra $1.40 plus 75¢ = $2.15 per day over 2 years. add in my tv, which was right around $730 after tax, so another $1 a day. total of $3.15 per day for my Forza experience over 2 years, which I have gotten thousands and thousands of hours from. and that daily cost gets smaller every day the game continues on. it’s the price of a large coffee or 30 miles of real life driving, basically. so there’s really no limit to what I’ll pay for new content, as long as it’s not exploitative, and imo so far it has not been.


I’m not getting ripped off but ok, would rather pay 5€ for a car pack than either them not coming to the game at all or, even worse, only getting to use them on Asphalt 9 and the like (where one car costs more than the full edition of FH5 plus DLC)

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It was a decent series overall, especially return of Porsche 356 SL '51 pleases me :slight_smile:

However, I still can’t get used to the TPP drift camera. Why isn’t it separate from the FPP drift camera?

(Here is my suggestion to change it)

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Tsuru was the most hype I’ve gotten for an update. Japanese & Italian Automotive were bangers too. Hope the EG & Chaser show up too. JDM ftw

We should be able to buy the cars individually - I never want all four cars.