Poll: Single player career

This aspect is how FM and GT ever worked, but here the problem is: it’s no fun in FM 2023 to grind the money.

The problem is that games franchises are always better in the beginning because in the beginning the ppl in charge still have passion about the gameplay itself, they have put their blood, sweat and tears into the game, the more games they release the less they care about the actual game. It’s all about the profits then.

Usually the 3rd or 4th game in a franchise is the best, that is when the original devs are still passionate about the game, from there on it usually goes downhill.

Look at Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo, Far Cry, Command & Conquer, Sim City, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Tony Hawks Pro Skater and more franchises. It was usually the 3rd or 4th game that was the best in all these franchises.

It’s the same with tv series usually the 3rd season is the best. Because then the characters have devoloped and the executive producers and writers are at their best performance, then the later seasons are usually less good.

In movies it’s usually the first that is the best, but there are exceptions like Terminator 2.

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I can’t really comment on that as I’ve had vip since January. From my perspective the credit gain is much faster then any previous Forza, especially because it’s completely independent from where you finish in a race, give or take a couple thousand credits.

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Personally I think FM7 had much bigger payouts overall, with the bonus cards, Forzathon challenges, and level up rewards. The economy in FM23 doesn’t really work if you want to go through all the cars with upgrades.

I just wish I could enter a cheat code for infinite money. It’s not like it would affect anybody else.

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This is possibly the biggest reason I have quit playing entirely as of this moment, I no longer find enjoyment at all playing this game. No more AFK FOMO grinding for me I’m no longer wasting my time with it. I’ll keep tabs on it and hope they continue to improve but until this game gets an actual soul I’ll stick with GT7. The passion and direction that game is getting has been refreshing, starting to feel like in the older days with all the legendary cars and tracks coming back. Still, I hope Turn10 gets it together soon, this game has been beyond rough. :weary:


It’s been funny how fast a money glitch in this game has gotten patched. And yet a multitude of reported problems still remain.

And yet like you say. A cheat code for infinite credits affects no one. Yet a glitching Porsche 550 affects everyone.

And a non-existant career mode? That also affects everyone.


As the game becomes older, less and less players will engage with online racing. The influx of new players will also decrease.

Normally when that happens players will migrate to single player because its simply easier and more convenient to experience what the game has to offer. And since there’s no robust single player, these players will either play very little of the game or most likely not play the game at all.

So they still have time to make this right, considering they’re not just waiting for this to blow over. But its safe to say game wont have a very long shelf life.

I really dont understand how this is supposed to be THE Forza Motorsport. If Turn10 isnt making another game, then i think they’re just waiting for their death sentence.


I hope they make some serious changes to how content is retained in career mode in this update.

I want more structure, more data, more tools and flexibility in career mode.

Let us curate championships with our own rules, weather, car selection, number of races, tracks etc. These could then be shared in the community.

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LOL the poll results are quite clear :joy:

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You’re right but when a game series is important for a company they got to make it good. Especially for companies who make only one game series.

Otherwise the company could die. Or they got to fire the creative director and it’s co-workers soon enough and hire new creative people. The newest example for a dying gaming company is Piranha Bytes here in germany because their last game, Elex 2, wasn’t a great smasher and dind’t sell well.

Reminds me of GTA Online. Any fix would take at least 6 months to get addressed, because that’s how often they pushed updates, except for money glitches which would be fixed in the next 6 seconds and a wave of bans issued right after. Priorities.


More voters are needed or this poll needs to be sticky.

Reason: i’ve also readed in other threads and on other gaming websites that a lot of other players want a real single player career and offline functionality.

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i think its fine
mainly the “ai” that needs work, because they are dirty
i use sp as test sessions, starting infront, accelerating to 1st position
i do wish i could have an nice race with ai instead
but i would rather have the developers focus their time and efforts on other aspects for now

Which glitch was that? And is it bad that I prefer earning credits in FM23 through test driving a variety of cars on a variety of tracks? As opposed to grinding out a single race or two with said cars?