Please remove the added flags at Nordschleife and Spa etc

Please remove the extra T10 added flags from Nurburgring Nordschleife and Spa and any other tracks which have those unnecessary additional added flags around the perimeter of the tracks. They’re just annoying and serve no purpose to the reality of the track or the immersion into the game. They are just a distraction.

Petition to remove the white and red flags that are placed along most of the track. They aren’t there in real life and they don’t add anything to the atmosphere and vibe either. They’re just an annoyance and unnecessary in my opinion.


And remove the horizon flags next to the track…


.Hey, I’ve driven a few laps of the Nordschleife now, I like it on the whole, but there are a few points to improve to make the track even more realistic. Let’s start with the red and white flags at the edge of the track, they have to go, in real life there are none, then the light poles, the track is not illuminated at all at night!!! Then the track/sports marshals are missing everywhere, I don’t see any of them anywhere. Then in one place the big gate is missing which in turn is at the second track entrance (screenshot). Then a flag system is generally missing, then I speak for many players, the high beam flash has to be like in the GT3 cars. Please add animated sports marshals to the Nordschleife and remove the red and white flags and light poles. By the way, there is always an ambulance at the place where the gate has to go during the races


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What?! You mean forza horizon is at the motorsport?! Or you mean the flags at the horizon?

tbh, I like how they put some extra stuff around the tracks, I saw some videos comparing Nord vs other games nord and the difference is ABISMAL, the track looks far more livier and not a empty green grass wasteland (since no game is still physically impossible to reproduce the ACTUAL tree density of Green Hell using 3D assets)

People say “this is unrealistic” forgot that people often organize parties around the track during the weekend (specially during endurance races) and forgot that some racing series like F1 has series material stamp around all around the track during the racing weekend, why Forza cant do the same?

because its about immersion
if there are much objects around the track that don’t exist in real it will break immersion big time

if those objects exist in real it will create nice immersion
so, if Forza do real a racing series, like F1, they can do the same…
but there is no real Forza racing series…

it should be a difficulty option. all extra lights off = more money, most lights off = less money, all extra lights on = no extra money. I get some people need the help but a lot of people want the real immersive feel of driving the pitch black night like how it was on some tracks in fm7.

this thread is about the flags

for the lights you can add your idea to this suggestion: