PLEASE remove drift zones from forzathon live

I hate the drifting in this game, ive played a ton of racing games this game, bar none is the worst for drifting. No matter how much I practice or fine tune different cars I can never get a solid drift going. It’s easily the worst activity for forzathon live, I watch other players struggle with it during live events and it’s always the one that takes the longest to finish. Just now there were only 3 of us doing live and the other 2 left because they struggled with the drifting in the second round. I realize there are plenty of people who like the drifting and are good at it but at least give those of us the option who don’t like/Can’t drift to not have to deal with it during live, it’s such pain to lose out on points because of it.

I wasn’t a fan of drifting too. But than I saw one guy making impossible scores during Drift Adventure with the Fiat 500… ok, Abarth 595 SS. So I searched for a drift tune and now I always use my little “Cinquino” when doing drift zones in Live. Try it. Maybe you will change your mind.

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Horizon has very good and easy handling for drifting. What other games do you play?

You should be grateful that AI traffic is ghosted in Horizon 4 drift zones and speed zones.

Go and play them in Forza Horizon 3 where AI traffic was NOT ghosted.

Then you noobs would really have something to cry about.


so because you dont like it you want it removed
2 years after release

i dont like it either but learn to live with it
since there are a lot of others that do like it

im actually surprised that there are still people doing the hourly forzathons since most people have more points than they know what to do with


Use the #88 Ford Mustang it’s a cinch to drift.

So it’s not the game.

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If you do all the dailies you will never need to do a Forzathon live ever.

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Might as well let you bank 60 FP every 3 hours, then?

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I couldn’t drift to save my life when I first started with FH4 in March 2019 (also my first Forza game) but if you do the Drift Club Story and watch a few vids on YouTube it helps. Drift Club Story teaches you to drift.
Before you knock something down just because you can’t get it right, try and understand how it works and make an attempt to do it.
For me drifting is a like a dance … I’ve since 3 starred all the drift zones and can add my contribution to the Forzathon Live events. I’m not the best but I can get the points needed. I don’t do much Forzathon Live anymore … too many points with nothing to spend it on. But I do understand that if you are new to the game then Forzathon Live is a good way to build up your points.

Play through the Drift Club story mode. There are some baseline tips from the devs to start with there. Also, if you have access to them, try out the formula drift and FE cars that boost drift skills to figure out what works for you. The game has a TON of assists for regular grip driving but not for drifting. A bit of that topic is covered in a video on Ars Technica named “How Forza uses neural networks to evolve its racing AI”. (I don’t know if I am allowed to post links on the forum) Start at about the 3 minute mark and hear Dan Greenawalt talk a little about adding assists to Horizon.

That said, players don’t need to be be able to effortlessly get 3 stars on any drift zone to contribute to a Forzathon Live event. Yea, they are probably the biggest grind and aren’t fun when the rage quitters leave. The influx of new players whenever the game goes on sale exacerbate the problem.
But remove the drift zones and what’s left? Speed traps, speed zones, and danger signs? That’s not much of a challenge.
I would like to see the required point totals get tweaked some for the drift zones though, maybe add some scaling based on the number of participants.

if you drive automatic do not race a rwd ever

turn off traction
turn off stability

get a bmw 98 car

get the god tune near the end of the line of tunes

LOL, this post made me laugh so hard.

You obviously have NO idea how to tune a car.

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Number of players and the FL.

If the FL includes a drift zone, two or three of me would never get it done to complete the entire thing, but half a dozen of me could even though we aren’t that great at drifting. I always hope that there are some competent drifters in FLs as well. We can all contribute something, although one or decent drifters may not be able to rescue the event.

It’s annoying to be unable to complete an FL because you run out of time, but it does happen when there are too few players and time-consuming events.

Also (1), you do need to be in the right car for some stages, although I suspect many players don’t realise you can switch cars. I didn’t know that until a few months ago.

Also (2), you can fast travel in FLs, although I’m not sure of the scope. Just within a stage? Certainly when I’m doing the windmill jump, I do this, and the delay is far less than driving all the way back to some starting point. (I know – not relevant to drift zones, but may be a means of speeding things up elsewhere.)

But, I’m afraid to say, we’re stuck with drift zones in the game and FLs.


  1. I once completed an FL with one other player, but that was the Edinburgh one that starts with the Princes Street speed trap and ends with some FFA drifting. It went to the very last second.
  2. I once got through two stages of an FL by myself, the second stage being the drift zone over Arthur’s Seat which somehow I managed to complete just in the nick of time. This is one drift zone I’m highly unlikely to ever three star.

I’ve tried a few strategies. I tried a ‘good’ car with multiple tunes for specific types Forzathon Live events, I’ve tired to build a ‘jack of all trades’ car that I just toggled TCS on and off as needed, and tried car swapping.
The jack of all trades wasn’t terrible (and I’m still seeing it it can be a good gravel drift car), but it was only good for an event with 5-6 participants.
I found that applying a different tune generally cost about 24 seconds at best (when I new exactly how many button clicks to make and doing it basically blind). I didn’t like loosing that much time.
I found that swapping cars is something like 18-20 seconds which sucks, but it’s also a lot fewer button clicks, especially with a small favorites list.

I’ve settled on the car swapping approach too and use fast travel to help make up for the swap time (as long as you don’t get hit with the fast travel glitch).

A bunch of the jumps can be done in both directions. You can’t get the same distance in reverse in the cases I can think of, but it’s still not bad.
For example, I can generally get 150ft-250ft when doing the windmill jump backwards.
Some jumps don’t work well with fast travel as well so be aware of those.

I hardly do FL any more but when i have i am the one usually doing 90 percent of the drift zone whilst others try doing it in their non drift cars with traction on.

If 2 of us are on the same page and changing to drift cars when it comes up then we smash the drift zone pretty quick.

Drift zones are not a problem, people thinking they know how to drift when they can’t are the problem.

I can’t crack the obvious cheat score for number one place on certain jumps, should i be requesting jumps be removed from the game?

If we removed everything people bang on about from day one there would be no game to play.


It’s hard to tell if you should stay in your current car with auto gears and two star the drift zones, or swap cars and settings to 3 star the drift zones after messing about losing stars.

Shouldn’t really matter as stars don’t come into play, only the points accrued when doing drift zones in Forzathon Live.

I’d say change car straight away and go hammer the zone, you are still going to lose a little (not much) time changing cars but the difference is hardly noticeable.

The Viper in the Drift pack is a great car for drifting whether it be auto or manual and is usually my preferred car with any challenge they throw up.

Don’t get me wrong though, i enjoy using the others in the drift pack as well, but for points they are apples and oranges.

Edit: sorry, forgot to add that when i started Horizon all those years ago, i was a auto and traction on driver. These days i have both traction and stability off and run in manual.

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