Please read none off my content is working and money gone!

Hi all I have purchased the ultimate edition for forza 6 and none off my content that you get with the ultimate edition works, apart from when I go offline, can someone help me please because I have spent all this money and none off it is working, thanks jay

What specifically is the difference between your content access offline and online? Where are you encountering error messages and what do they say?

Well I can use the dlc cars offline but I can’t use the dlc cars on line, there were no warnings sighs or anything would should I do!

By “can’t use” online, do you mean they were listed but when you selected one you got an error message? Were they not visible even though you know you have them in your garage? What were the restrictions of the lobby? Which specific models?

I can’t have any off the fast and furious cars or any off the ones you get given also or the ten year anniversary it says I have VIP and car pass installed as well, it just says error car is unable to be used