Please put all registered Rewards users at top level before retiring

Given that there are badges and such within one or two of the Forza games covered by the Rewards, please update registered users to the top level before it’s retired.

All of those ‘badges and such’ only count when you start that game for the first time, so changing people’s Tier now wouldn’t do anything.

Would you specify the badges and games you’re referring to SpirantCrayon22?

Thanks for responding. Motorsport 7 has set of “Forza Veteran Tier X” badges that I think are given at the corresponding Reward Tier levels. Motorsport 6 has a “Forza Faithful” badge that is linked to Reward Tier progress.

The reason for asking is that my Reward Tier, like so many others, is not what it should be due to the issues with the Hub updating erratically at best. My most-played game by far is Horizon 4 but the only category to update, ever, was gamerscore. So it’s not just asking for something I shouldn’t ever have got.

My Doppelgänger Scimmia221 suggests no progression is given but I don’t know if that is or isn’t the case (either way, I’m not arguing).