Please let us choose the dub language (the latest update is forcing the Italian dub)

Hi, the last FH5 update received an Italian dub but it isn’t that great at all and I highly prefer the original dub, without considering I play like that since FH3.

The problem is that now I either play the whole game in English (dub and subtitles/menu) or I have to stick with the Italian dub if I want the Italian subs/menu and it’s absurd, especially since the Italian subs where even easier to read for me due to the Spanish phrases being translated as well.

The game was perfectly fine before but now you are forcing me to use the questionable Italian dub or switch the whole game to English.
Please, make two separate language options, one for subtitles/menu and one for dub, this is just a downgrade right now.

There are much more italian people (like me) that prefer the whole game in Italian.
Thanks to PGG to give us this complete translation that we miss since FH2.

This is about having the CHOICE to select if using or not the italian dub while still playing with italian subtitles.
Right now there isn’t a choice and just an imposition.
I want the game like it was before, English dub and italian subtitles, I don’t get how be against that… it’s an option that have any major game by ages but Forza Horizon is still behind and force the dub and subtitles to one language, this isn’t acceptable for an AAA in 2022.

Right now I’ll rather play the whole game in English but it’s absurd that I have to do that after playing for more then 100 hours with English dub and italian menu/subtitles… again, the imposing doesn’t make any sense.

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Continue to play in english and please let us in peace with the whole translation.

What? So you can have the Italian dub but I can’t have what I used to have before the patch?
This is just selfish nonsense… I want the game like it was before, and having the game full English isn’t the same thing, as I’ve already explained.

What a weird way of thinking, this applies to other countries as well that has weird dubs and are forced to play in full English because the game lacks a basic option that is available in any other major game, it’s just a standard and FH5 lacks it.

Having more options is ALWAYS a good thing, it’s insane to not want something like this, you could just select both subtitles/menu and dub in Italian and nothing would change for you but nope, you got what you wanted so who cares of anyone else, wow…

Now the game is as in every other major countries, completely translated. I don’t know why there are people that is never satisfied (unfortunately expecially in Italy).
As I said before please play in english and stop this useless thread

No, just stop being unhelpful with a game issue that you don’t care about and don’t post here.
This isn’t about not being satisfied, but about having a CHOICE and not being selfish as you are demonstrating (and this happen a lot in Italy as well sadly).

I still don’t get how you can’t gasp the concept of more options but at this point I don’t care, this is still an issue and it’s embarrassing not having something like this in a game like this.

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Last my reply in this useless thread.
In my opinion and also in the opinion of many friends of mine, the subtitles in game like this are completely useless because you don’t have the time to read them while driving.
For this reason I was very happy when finally PGG give us the complete translation in Italian.
Expecially during the story chapters the subtitles are useless and you lost all the particulars of the stories because it is more important to drive than to read the subtitles. I never used subtitle because it is impossible. If you are able to understand all the discussion in english while you are driving then for you it is way better to play the game completely in english.

Relax on the aggression towards Italians. We are mighty in numbers and we don’t got a quit button. Dude wants his simple options…what’s the beef. If your just gonna be negative find something that doesn’t trigger you. Then go waste energy on that.

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