Please help me and give a big shout out to CHUTEBOXEHERO1

Right after Horizon 4 came out there were some disappointed players that were being very vocal about it and letting everyone know they were leaving Horizon and not coming back. Well at first I just laughed at them, but then I read a couple that just hit me as wrong. Not going into reasons why, but it got to me and had to say something.

So I made a goodbye to Horizon post myself, but for the right reasons. Basically I decided to fight a table saw.
Yea, I lost. I just couldn’t play any video games. Well not the way they were meant to be played. I just wanted to let people know there are legit reasons for leaving other than “this ain’t the way I want it”.

Anyway, for the shout out; shortly after making the goodbye post I received a pm from chuteboxehero1 offering me a thrustmaster tmx, he has collecting dust, so I can race again. He wouldn’t let me pay him, or even cover shipping for it. Just straight up gave it to me. Which is truly awesome cause the doc said it will be end of January beginning of February before I’d be able to use my thumb on a joystick again. Even then only for short periods of time.

So I got it today and was able to finally stop the withdrawls. So please everyone, help me out again and give the biggest thumbs up for chuteboxehero1 for proving there are still good hearted and generous people in this world. OK please?


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That’s so awesome - what a great guy! And I hope you get back to full driving capability soon!

Top bloke, always nice to read stories of generosity amongst the community.

And that’s why the Forza Community has always been my favourite. Yes there are loads of griefers etc, but hearing stories like this makes you remember there are still good people in the world! Thanks for sharing.

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Lovely story to hear. Really nice gesture & a brilliant bloke.

I love to hear stories like that. My wife & I were recently on the receiving end of someone’s incredible generosity like that. A few years ago my brother auctioned off a piece of music memorabilia to benefit the sick child of his friend. The buyer paid for it & told my brother to give it to his friend instead. Recently my brother’s friend auctioned it off again to help my wife & I pay our medical bills. (My wife has an aggressive form of breast cancer). Once again, the new buyer told my brother & the his friend to keep the item. So next year it will be auctioned off again for someone else who needs help with medical bills, or some other worthy cause. There are still plenty of good people in this world. I can’t wait to be on the giving end instead of the receiving end. Cheers to CHUTEBOXHERO1!!:clap::clap::clap:

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