Please Drift Lobby

I’m posting this in hopes of getting turn 10s attention. My friends and I have loved what you guys have come up with, but our hearts are broken that there wasn’t enough room for a simple drift lobby. And I’m not talking about awd,fwd or rwd, throw us all together and we will figure that out by voting for people to leave like it’s been done for quite some time. In my opinion and I know that weighs about as much as air but if you hop in a forza 6 lobby there is numerous people that are there just for the ease of hopping into a lobby with your buddies and having a good time.You have taken that away from more people than just me and not only that but you have to loose out on a profit stand point. Wouldn’t that be another 1000 or 10000 copies sold?I’m just making numbers up but that’s still money and it wouldn’t effect anyone else’s game play, whether they choose to drift, race or destruction derby. It just doesn’t make sense, also “drifting” was advertised on the commercials for the game, two cars sideways side by side.