Please do not pause with alt-tab/lose focus

Please re-think this decision, it is infuriating. When ever I am between queues for eliminator or online I cannot tab out to check messages, the web, etc because as soon as you tab out it pauses and then wont connect you to an online queue. I have never played another game that acted like this, any other game while you are waiting for a queue that is when you would tab out, pause/play video, reply to messages, etc. I am to the point where I have nothing left to do in game but online play and it is so infuriating I just quit instead.


+1 on that.
Information/pop up that game is searching for session would be nice too.

I noticed this too, FH4 lets you alt-tab during waits, I don’t know why they changed it.

No one should alt-tab when playing videogames. Not a single videogame recommends to do that. So many people complaining about bad teammates, reammers, people with bad connections, but alt-tabbing is one of the most idiotic habits. Many disconnections also happen because of it.

If im going to play the trial, tour or whatever, i hope to never ever encounter people who is alt-tabbing while waiting.

That makes no sense, what people do while waiting shouldn’t matter.

FWIW it also happens for those of us with multiple monitors, even if we go press pause/play on a video in the second screen it happens. If online queue pops at that time you miss the queue and have to start over.

Multi-Monitor setups are a thing. What if I wanted to mute something in discord on my other screen? what if I wanted to watch a video on the side for the audio? It essentially makes the game unplayable for me when I tried to stream it and I kept having to tab out and manage my stream.
It just doesn’t make sense to stop me from being able to watch a cut scene while I check something or do something on another screen. Why have an option to do full-screen windowed mode and essentially not allow us to use anything else… Maybe the game needs another way to tell if someone is AFK. Other games have AFK kickers from games. Why not AFK kick someone if they just hold 1 key only during a race (maybe not in free roam) . A normal player would not sit in a race and press one button. Sounds like fair logic to me.

They could even just allow it in free roam only. I would be perfectly fine not alt-tabbing during races.