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Tell your wife, I feel like she is correct.

You need a hobby. Damn man, find something to do with your time.

That being said, I will be working on my own 5/6-car garage now, since I have no wife to think poorly of me. I have an ex for that. lol.


What criteria are you testing against Alasdair? It is a “feel” test when driving them or something more scientific?

So I started going through my own and noticed we may have different definitions for the categories. No matter, it’s all highly personal anyway.

I am doing hugely subjective sweeps in narrowing down my selection, since hey, it’s not just about the drive anyway. I’m also basing these off of stock performance which knocks a lot of amazing cars out of the running. To make up for that, I might offer some as modded alternatives.

So for Daily Driver, I imagine this as my everyday car, suitable for if I only had one car, and fitting to my current lifestyle (kids…lol) So fun, but high in utility, might even end up as an SUV.
Road trip car to me is like a vacation. So it needs to be able to hold a little luggage and be comfortable to drive for long periods. So as awesome as Lambos are, I think I would lose feeling in my legs if I had to pull 6 hours in one.
Date Night also related to me being older. As sweet as it would be to pull up in a Ferrari Pista…if she can’t get in the damn thing, and I’m struggling to get out of it…kinda kills the mood for the date.
Weekend Fun is where the real road burner is. No need for utility. Find back roads, switchbacks, hill climbs, etc. Return to the real world after.
Track Toys kinda stuck me a little. They are dedicated machines. But are they mind-numbingly fast near-race cars…or happy track burners like the KTM…or any of the fine off-road selections. Still not sure.
Garage Dream - still would want to drive it…but by no means flog it. This one is to be babied, pampered, shown off, and looked at more than used.

So my first guesses are as follows:

  1. Daily Driver- 2011 Audi RS3 Switchback
  2. Road Trip Car- 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon
  3. Date Night - 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed (can’t deny the sheer class of a Bentley)
  4. Weekend Fun - 2019 McLaren 720S Spider (topless, baby)
  5. Track Toy - 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder
  6. Garage Dream - 1956 Jaguar D-Type (this might not even make it to a driving test…it has been a fav of mine for a lifetime.)
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This was a great read, thanks for taking us through it.

I am about halfway through a much less thorough trip myself with a few personal surprises in it as well. The trick was taking everything as stock, as I would have considerably different choices if allowed modifications. So sadly, many of my favorite older cars did not make the cut as their emotional appeal is far greater than their performance appeal. Normally, this would still keep them in my realistic world since the idea of comparing $250k + is unthinkable…but hey, this is a game, so everything is fair game. I’m interested to see how my own choices pan out.

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