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Please Delete, Figured it out.

Some of your answers can be found in the FAQ thread
Its to do with how many cars were in your garage in previous versions of the game …more cars gave greater rewards

Yes if you had 300+ cars in your garage in Forza 3\4\5 and Horizon 1\2 you got 5 million per game plus if you are a rewards member and had the VIP packages in previous games along with a high rewards tier there was a shed load of cars available too. I got 25 million credits and I think 12 cars available to start with on day one and I have to say I was well chuffed as such a good start made a world of difference I just hope they carry it forward to future games because although I will always yearn for a physical Collectors Edition these gifts made it a little easier to bear.

My problems are:
No Honda Civic Si 99-00
No Honda Integra Type R 2002
No Honda Civic Type R 2016
No Honda Del Sol 92

not really an issue…more of a wishlist
there’s a thread already for that