Please come back

Why are some cars that were in previous Forza games missing in FM7? TVR Cerbera Speed 12, Saleen S281, AG Porsche 911 GT1, etc… What happened to them? Will they return at some point?

I remember how in Forza 4 Saleen had 6 vehicles… now there’s only one. TVR had 3, only one remains. To answer your questions I’m not exactly sure why the Forza team has done this but maybe they’ll come back as DLC. In my opinion there’s too much SUVs/trucks in Forza 7. All the Baja trucks and mini vans could’ve easily been replaced with Rossion or SSC and Mosler or whatever. That is probably why there are a lot of awesome cars missing from this game, because they’ve been replaced by Monster Jam.

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And sometimes licencing doesnt allow all your wishes to come true