Please add interior customization

It would also be great to add and delete decals on the inside of the car.

I would love to change the steering wheel and seats. Add a racing dash and remove parts to make it lighter, like a real race car. And for a drift car, add a stick shift and handbrake. It would be wonderful if we can see this in the future.

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yea this would be cool if they add this in can like change the colour of the car interior

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should also add some graphic design interior like this


That is awesome. I would love to see that in Forza.

These things would be great. With multiple other games that have vastly improved interior customization Forza has more than enough examples to create the ultimate interior customization options.

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For sure. That would be great

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I would love to see different steering wheels, like classic ones or ones for GT racing.


We should have the option to change the color of the car seat in Forza Horizon 5. It would be nice to have that option just like how we’re able to paint the brake calipers now. The color of the seat makes the car look more aggressive, especially when you have a body kit on the car.


Hello there.
I feel like this is would be amazing addition to the game, and a feature that the community has wanted to see in the game for a long time now, which is interior customization.
So, i have a few ideas for this feature:
Be able to add to our cars custom steering wheels, shift nobs, hydraulic handbrakes and gauges like the ones here:

But, besides these, it could also be added the racing variations of these, like racing steering wheels, screens above the steering wheels showing the RPM’s, etc.

This would be an amazing addition to the game, and i feel like the community would love it aswell.


i would like this is for just Fairlady Z33 and in other cars
sport chairs and wheel


Yeah, it’s still not even fair to only have stock model interiors instead of applying the accessories like the HiLow cars, along with Chris Forsberg, Hoonigan, and Formula Drift’s cars in the game.

Hi Forza community. I have been a regular Forza player since the release of the first Horizon. I have a huge idea for you, I believe it will change the idea of car customization in the game. So here’s the idea.
Make interior customization, the ability to change the steering wheel, seat, shift knob, handbrake, pedal pads, dashboard, trim, interior lighting and so on. Support with votes!:slight_smile:

This was also available in both test drive unlimited games which had every interior colour options including centre console trim plastics leather colours two tone seats you name it if the dealership had it the game also had it available.

This was 2006 and 2011 yet a supposed triple A game has blackish grey for nearly every car interior even I this was not an option (eg R390GT1). Oh well pick up the pace pgg’s


Wow, I never thought it would get this much votes! Glad to see I’m not the only one who wants this!

Let’s take a look at GTA V’s interior customization. I found this video of a Sentinel Classic which was added in 2017:

Starts at 9:05

I’ll try to look up more recent DLC cars later, but this shows what can be done with interior customization

Mazda RX-7 FD3S (as Annis ZR350) interior customization:

From 6:58

Different interior styles and additional gauges available. You can also choose new seats, steering wheel, door cards, rollcages.

I agree with you!

Cool! Hopefully we will get something like this in a later update or even Forza Horizon 6. Right now Forza Horizon 5 is a cross gen game, so maybe the interior customization in FH6 will be better than we might think.


That reminds me that the 2017 Alpine A110 has this. The exterior colour is tied to the interior trim. I always change mine to carbon fibre and cover the exterior with vinyls to ‘paint’ the car. That way I get a nice Renault RS yellow A110 with carbon fiber interior trim :smiley:

Same with the M3 GTS E92; this way you can get a nice carbon fiber engine cover

Yeah, it sucks when you buy a car with a colored interior & can’t change it. So then you’re stuck with only a handful of exterior colors that actually match or look good. If you could change that colored interior to whatever color you want, that would drastically open up color combination options. People have been asking for this for many years! Even the new Crew game has interior color options!