Please add interior customization

Who else would love to see interior customization added to Forza Horizon/Motorsport? I think it would be cool if we could at least adjust the colour of the interior. Other options could include removing seats when choosing race weight reduction, or only as a cosmetic. The only thing we now have is the full rollcage.

I’ve been wishing the same


Very cool, I think different steering wheels would be cool as well. Would be really nice to be able to throw some aftermarket steeri9ng wheels like Grant wheels for example on the old cars.


I don’t think it’ll happen as interior and exterior customisation is not an important aspect of this game.

Those who have played Test Drive Unlimited and The Crew 2 will probably know what I’m thinking of.

A lot of car manufacturers have offered multiple colors and fabrics for their interiors, and also trim options (wood, brushed alu, gloss black or carbon).

It would be nice if something like this could be introduced, although I guess this is something that would have to have been implemented from the start, and not added on an already “finished” game.

I’m not saying we need every option or even matching the real life ones, but some sort of generic options would be nice.

Black/White/Red/Brown leather, alcantara/cloth, and the earlier mentioned trim options.

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Ability to change car interior colors of the steering wheel, seats, shifters, dashboards in Designs & Paints as well as from ForzaVista.


Yes I think we should be able to change the colour of the interior. Imagine the super specs we could come up with for the cars. Because we always wish the interior could match the unique exterior colours we make. Specially with the likes of hypercars. Example. I wish I could have red leather to match the Red Carbon Fibre Chiron.


It should be though. Because many people use first person view when playing. And this game is about meeting up and seeing each others takes on specs for vehicles for many people.


I think they should at least give us factory colour options for interiors and as you buy the car from autoshow There’s a secondary colour selection before purchasing




Biggest addition for me would be branded steering wheels. Having a few options for steering wheels from brands like Nardi, Sparco, Momo, OMP, Italvolanti, Sabelt, O.B.A., Grant, Vertex, Key’s

and 326Power would bring a huge new level of customization to the cars. It feels odd to build a car, spec’d to a good performance level, has period correct aero, a livery that pays homage to it’s time period and brands that would apply to it, and then driving it in first person and looking at a big factory steering wheel with an airbag, haha. Here are some styles I’d like to see.

momo montecarlo

There are so many styles to chose from for steering wheels, I think I’ve listed enough.


YES! at the very least let us change the interior colors. I mean how in the world am I supposed to have a classic red Jurassic Park livery on my 1976 Jeep CJ5 Renegade when the seat color is a Jurassic World blue! HMMM!


Yes. Definitely yes! It doesn’t even have to be changeable seats or even changeable materials like carbon or alcantara (…although it would be awesome!) but at least changeable colors of the stock interiors. :+1::+1:


Yeah I wish in the paint menu we could choose a manufacturing color for all cars interior. It would be so cool to see the different designs


Honestly this could be a bit of a “wishing on a monkey paw” type situation, as it might take some significant resources to implement and support, but I’d be lying if I claimed I didn’t want it.

Even just a couple simple things would be huge. Changing the steering wheel being the #1 change I’d want. The ability to add a gear indicator on the dash would be #2. I have other wishes for changing the interior but I care about them significantly less than those two.

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Cars such as a Nissan Skyline already come standard with stock Recaro or Sparco front seats.

I think it would be great if we could customize our car’s interiors. Don’t get me wrong, we have great customization options in Forza Horizon 5, but changing the color of the seats, the dash, etc. would take it to the next level.


I would already be happy if we could paint the rollcages but even that seems too much asked. Voted anyway.


Midnight club LA had great interior customization by letting you colour different items like plastic colour, trim colour, gauge colour, needle colour, etc. Even like 10 years ago.
Gran turismo 6 at least let you add and customize custom gauges 10 years ago.
The new gran turismo lets you paint your roll cages which is a great addition.
Any of these options would greatly improve the games customization


I believe it is possible sense the Crew 2, which came out in 2018, does it well. I have provided a picture below.