Playing this game makes me tired. Idk what it is. Something with the sound maybe?

I remember when I played FH1 years ago I would grind the Goliath race to get credits. Eventually I got so used to the race that my mind would kinda wander, and soon enough halfway through the race I could just feel the sleepiness settle in. Sometimes I’d pause and take a break, other times I would just fall asleep (if it was late). Same thing happens mostly when I’m doing career mode racing in FM23, mostly since I’m not really invested in the race.

The weirdest thing is when your eyes are closing from drowsiness, but somehow u are still able to take perfect line trough corners :sunglasses:

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EV is a very iconic track for me, but Golden Ratio is my personal favorite


If im not well rested, Ive nodded off multiple times to this game.Never had this issue with any of the prior motorsport games.Nice to know were not alone.:grin:

It’s the way they have recorded car sounds, I’m telling you! They sound droney, loopy, and robotic. So there’s very little variation in pitch and tone as the car is nearing redline in the higher gears because the revving becomes slower as the car is trying to reach its top speed and that’s precisely when it sounds more droney and loopy, making you feel drowsy.

In the external cams and especially the chase cam the cars can sound really droney and synthesized. In cockpit view they sound as if revving in a distant cave, bathtub or empty warehouse. That can make you feel sleepy too.

Never had this issue with previous FM games… FM 5 and 6 especially are sweet on the ear and really make your surround amp light up.

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I thought it was just the fact that I’m old and tired now. But yeah, every race is a battle against nodding off halfway through. Thank god for replay.

Nah. I’m 40+ myself and don’t have as much time or energy to enjoy gaming but Assetto Corsa, PCARS 2, DR2, Ride 5, Flight Simulator, etc. never put me to sleep no matter how exhausted or fatigued I am. On the contrary they refresh me and help me to relax at the same time.

Sound quality matters.

I think it’s the boring game design along with no soul and no single player career, just live service.

I can sit down and do a 1 hour race in ACC no problem. FM absolutely puts me to sleep. Its the weirdest thing.

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Hoping they will improve sounds across the board for all cars ultimately so that they don’t sound like droney and loopy lawnmowers but powerful, satisfying, and meaty notes comparable to the real thing.