Playing the eliminator should be the MOST that is required in the playlist, no mini objectives

I really hope they scale back the weekly requirements for online modes, the eliminate 5 players is ridiculous and luck plays a large part, I’ve beaten 3 people in one round and it was the most stressful and frustrating experience in this game, after a few tries at the eliminator I just turn the game off and am tired of the forza world. Especially getting challenged off the bat when the round starts by a level 5+ car and immediately losing, so much time wasted waiting for online loading.

I was unable to play for 1.5 seasons while on vacation so I cannot miss anything in winter or spring or I won’t reach 200 points for the aventador svj, a top car on my own wishlist, I REALLY don’t enjoy grinding eliminator over and over for the stupid 2 points, but if I can’t eliminate 5 people in a round I’ll finish the playlist at 198 points.

What a stupid unforgiving system and obvious forcing online mode playlist, I really hope they scale back the requirements, same for anything playground games or whatnot.

I guess they saw eliminator online numbers were falling so they force something like x number of cars eliminated in a round to keep people playing, hate it.


The point is to get players to try everything. And to be fair I think they do a great job at it.

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This week it’s not required to do it in one round, I did it in three, 2+1+2.

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Must be another bug, like so many other things in the game, I’ve eliminated 3 in one round, 2 in another, and 1 in another and nothing on the festival list no 0/5 or 1/5 or anything?

It’s bugged, yes. Restarting the game a few times worked for some people.

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Yup, I had top restart for the accolade to trigger. I did it over several games.

The real toughie was getting a level 7 car. Doable and I’ve done it but not something you can knock out in 5 minutes.

If you think that is tough, do not even think about attempting the accolade:
“Win a game of The Eliminator without acquiring any car drops” .

I tried for almost a week and near 100 games of “The Eliminator” to get that one to pop.

Finally got it tonight, so done it now, (with a whole lot of luck), but never in my gaming life has an achievement eluded me for so long.

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You can get that by eliminating and upgrading your vehicle, don’t have to win in the Bug.

Then you possibly played the right games…

I have one game where you have to unscrew half a million bolts and guess what, after about 2800 hours of gameplay I am at the enormous number of about 50 000 bolts so some more way to go if the game hasn’t got a successor yet since about one year at all. Thankfully the developers there were more kindly with the achievements at the new title so you got 100% complete after about 100 hours of gameplay…

its 7+