Playground update stream next week?


In my youtube subscriber notifications I‘ve noticed that PG has scheduled the next stream for update series 28 to next Monday, 12.10.2020

This is very unusual, since we still have 2 weeks to go for this series. The update stream for next series usually would be on the 19.10.

So, what‘s up with the hurry? Something urgent that we should know or any reveals?

It is possible, and I also hope this is the case, that PG will finally be fixing those two big not-quite-showstopper bugs, e.g. the controller buttons not working after resume (I mean, seriously?), and the double camera pan when leaving a menu.

Maybe they’ve decided to do some work and fix some of the game’s more glaring faults?


Could be related to Xbox Series X. Although it doesn’t ship till November, many people already have them and will be creating YouTube videos with them, so games need to support it while they do that.


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I always worry when there is a change. I’m always thinking about the last update. I’m always hoping that the next update won’t be the last. I’m not ready to let go…

You actually got customer support? My ticket has simply been ignored for two weeks.