Playground Games private lobbies

Is it just me or does anyone else miss the ability to load up a private playground games lobby in FH2/3. I understand that Turn 10 wants to have an immersive online experience and I really love some of the interactions I have had in the freeroam, but I feel like it could only be beneficial to also have some option for private lobbies in modes other than just normal racing. I miss the ability to just race against my friends in an online adventure or play playground games for hours on end. I never have even tried a drift adventure because it is locked to online when I could totally see myself playing it over and over with just friends. Personally, I never enjoyed the activities when playing with random players, but if you look back on my time on FH2/3 I spent a majority of my time in playground games just doing fun little challenges with my friends. My friends and I are always excited for new releases, but it does hurt a little bit to know that we will probably never have as much fun as we did in FH2/3 setting specific vehicle restrictions and chilling in a private Playground GamesI know not everyone will have the same opinion just figured I would put my opinion out there and see if anyone else agrees.


Update: apparently you can again if you don’t find a team now…